How to Optimize Sales in a Mobile World

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Savvy marketers know that it is important to have a mobile presence these days. As of January 2014, 58% of Americans own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet, according to the Pew Internet Project.

Not only do most Americans own smartphones, tablets or both, but majority of them are using these devices to go online. For marketers, this means that sales campaigns are quite often going to be seen on a mobile device instead of a desktop computer.

This knowledge is crucial to a sale. Campaigns behave very differently on mobile devices, and it takes different steps to optimize and measure campaigns for mobile.

Take click through rates (CTR), where the number of clicks are divided by the total number of impressions, for example. This is a typical way that sales campaigns are measured, as they give an idea of how many people clicked on and engaged with elements of that campaign.

Clicked or Missed?

However, CTR isn’t necessarily the best metric to measure the effectiveness of campaigns that are accessed on mobile devices. According to a study by xAd, a startup that specializes in mobile ads, optimizing based on CTR data may yield shaky results.

Since the screens are smaller and are accessed by touchscreen, some of the “clicks” on mobile are not intentional. The study found that up to 40% of mobile ad clicks can be accidental, a factor that seriously skews the numbers.

CTR+SAR=Real Data

This doesn’t mean that CTR shouldn’t be factor of measurement; it just shouldn’t be the only factor. Incorporate the secondary action rate (SAR), which is the number of secondary actions performed divided by the number of clicks.

Secondary actions can be calls, downloads of premium content, in-person visits or whatever metrics make the most sense for the particular industry.

Set Goals First

To really optimize sales campaigns, it is important to figure out the goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for mobile campaigns right from the start. A strong sense of what the goals are will make it easier to optimize the campaign specifically for mobile.

Once the goals are determined, take time to figure out how the goals will be measured. Also make a plan for testing as the campaign goes on.

Testing is especially vital for people who are used to optimization efforts based on traditional desktop computers. When the focus is mobile, optimization strategies that worked before may not be as effective.

Create different versions of the sales campaigns and test it until the best version is found. Try A/B testing things like wording, colors, sizes of creative elements and size and placement of logos. These tests can make a huge difference for finding out just what works in a mobile environment.

Simplify For Success

Last, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Mobile screens are much smaller, so campaigns that are too busy or complicated can be the kiss of death. If the customer can’t focus on the campaign, they are not going to get the message.

Create clear calls to action, clean design and clever campaign measurement strategies to find success in mobiles sales optimization.

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