Searching for your next funding: A Business Rockstars Minute

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Sometimes you just can’t quite launch your business or startup on your own. You need help – financial help. That’s where funding comes in. But funding for businesses has changed. Not just from the traditional bank loan but also far beyond even venture capital. Nowadays there are lots of choices. In this Business Rockstars Minute, Ken Rutkowski takes a look at the range of options available to today’s entrepreneur.

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This is one in a continuing series of Business Rockstars Minute videos presented by Ken Rutkowski. They cover a range of small business topics, especially for entrepreneurs, and give you a real quick start on the topic and are a great point for jumping off. We recommend that you check out their daily live shows over at Business Rockstars as well. But most importantly, please let us know what you think in the comments. We want your feedback on how you like these and on future topics.

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