Moving From SEO to SCO

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SEO to SCOSEO – Search Engine Optimization, the goal of every online marketer is to be found online.

Google helped write the rules on SEO and continues to make suggestions for marketers. It is a great framework for looking at, and evaluating websites for keyword functionability and how optimized your website is with respect to ranking on Google.

For me, in 2015 its time to think “Bigger” and move from SEO and more toward SCO – Search Channel Optimization

SCO is a better way of thinking.

The question I used to ask myself was “Where are people going to find our company name?”

You could spend a lot of time trying to figure our where your clients are finding your company name. I believe you need to keep asking the questions of how people are finding you, but doing actual research into this question could one, be a very long process and two, you may not get that far and you could be way off.

A much better question to ask, “How can our company breakthrough the noise, and make it easier for people to find my site?”

This is the approach I am working on. The difference is that I am taking action and watching what is happeing. People are not spending all their time on one channel. They are looking to find your information in various ways. It is critical that we as marketers stay in tune and start to figure our more and more what is working and what is not working. Here are some general findings that I have found in 2015. Remember, you have to think differently.

  1. People connect with people – – If you are writing content that is not written from someone’s expertise, how can you expect people to remember who is speaking and where this information is coming from. Stand out from the crowd.
  2. Make sure your content is being shared – – Shared content is essential. I am learning that good content is shared. Once your content gets shared, your name will get shared and people will want to learn more.
  3. Connect with people outside your industry – – Start looking at building an advocate network of people who know about your business and tell others. This area is growing each year. Many people have influence and if your name is brought up in conversations with other people, you will begin to see it.
  4. Typical search engine companies like Google, Microsoft-Bing and Yahoo are creating partnerships with other companes like Twitter and Linkedin. Information is getting shared across networks. Shared information is the new “marketing asset” and companies are noticing.
  5. Client service – When people find try to contact you over the web, email, phone or text.

You see, Search Channel Optimization requires more work and interaction with people because you are crossing channels and not relying mainly on programming code to obtain results. Seach Channel Optimization can be measured in the following ways:

  • New Accounts setup
  • Phone Call / Email Volume
  • New Client Projects Started/Completed – Will need to meet client needs faster and better
  • Number of areas your message is able to penetrate
  • Number of connections your management staff is getting connected to, staying in contact with these connections

Rapid changes call for new approaches. It starts with recognizing the big picture and looking at ways to maximize the potential in these areas. There are all kinds of options, the question is training ourselves to think differently and look at things with a clear perspective. I am trying to get there and I am reading more and more about what the future will look like. Not several years from now, but tomorrow!

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