Setting Up Your Online Store (comic)

3 min read · 2 years ago


Have you been running a successful in-person business but now find yourself looking for other solutions? Follow our character, ‘Nita of Nita Know Jewellery, as she brings her business online!


Planning Your eCommerce Store
Setting Up Your Shipping and Delivery Model
Taking and Editing Photos
Creating Meaningful Descriptions
Launching Your Site
Creating a Production Schedule

www.yahoosmallbusiness.comWoman checking her email

Getting Started

Yahoo Small Business

Setting Up A Ecommerce Site (6)

What features do you need (7)

Shipping and Delivery (8)

Choose your carrier (9)

Select shipping options (10)

11 Set up a shipping area

12 Things to stock your shipping area with

13 Pickup or delivery

Clearly state your return policy

Taking & Editing Photos

Chose your background

Take white and black photos to help with editing

use soft daylight if possible

full spectrum bulbs

Crop and square

use an object for scale

compare full and mobile stores

Include how it was made

Put It All Together

keep it clean

Compare desktop and mobile stores

Ask for feedback

Create a schedule

pick shipping days

schedule time to make your product

and time to take care of yourself

Get the word out

send a newsletter

Social icons

Friends and family