How to Improve Your Content Development

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Since content is now at the core of many businesses’ online marketing strategies, content development has garnered a lot more attention. Here are a few ways you can improve your content development process:

Identify consumer needs with respect to content

Sometimes, businesses get caught up in writing content that they find interesting. The problem with this is that your interests won’t always align with your customers’ interests. In this case, you’re just writing content for yourself.

Always think about content development in the context of your online marketing strategy. If your content won’t interest prospective customers, then it’s not worth creating.

Look at your website analytics

Moreover, businesses often fall into the trap of only looking at their website traffic in regard to data and analytics. Although your website traffic can be a useful signal, it’s usually too general and doesn’t provide enough context.

For your online marketing efforts, it’s important to know where exactly your traffic comes from. According to a recent Marketing Land article, you can use this information to improve your content development:

“By clearly defining your conversion goals in Google Analytics, you’ll gain a better understanding of what attributes are associated with your visitors that convert. First, outline both your macro conversions (i.e., complete a transaction, fill out a form, etc.) and micro conversions (i.e., click on a pricing page, watch a video, stay on a site for a specific period of time).”

Ask for feedback 

Another way to evaluate your content development is to directly ask consumers what they think of your content. This is an easy way to get practical suggestions in regard to your content creation. If people want to see more videos and less blogs, then you can adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly.

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