May Content Roundup: Moms, Mexico, And Memorial Day

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So long, April Showers: May is here with all of its glorious flowers, sunshine, and activities to celebrate Mom, Mexican-American culture, armed forces, and summer plans.

Just like spring, brand and content marketing strategies should be blooming, too. Look for content ideas that focus around May’s seasonal happenings, which will target and connect with your audiences (and maybe attract a few more).

Mom’s the Word

Time is running out to capitalize on Mother’s Day. Approximately $20 billion is spent on the 85 million U.S. moms for Mother’s Day – which is a bit ironic when you consider that one-third of moms prefer a handmade gift.

Regardless, 60 percent of female Pinterest users are researching Mother’s Day gift ideas this month, while 23 percent post photos of gifts they have bought or made. This means now is an ideal time to put out your DIY and social-friendly content.

The Holiday Weekend

In addition to remembering the 1.2 million American casualties of war, Memorial Day has become a home run for retailers looking to score big with holiday sales. Over the holiday weekend, retail traffic increases by a staggering 73 percent.

Plus, nearly 34 million people travel for the holiday, while 59 percent spend time with friends and family. Needless to say, this offers a lot of opportunities to target your audience with shopping, food and travel content.

The End of War, not Independence

Though Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla, the holiday has become known as a time to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture at large. For many, it’s also an excuse to consume copious amounts of guacamole (81 million avocados, to be exact).  When it comes to your content strategy, the time is ripe for publishing content that speaks to the 33.6 million U.S. residents who come from Mexican heritage.

Still haven’t found any topics that strike your fancy? Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty more trends that are starting to heat up. Here are some additional timely data-driven ideas* around a variety of consumer interests. Plus, you’ll find a printable calendar with more May events to ensure your strategy sizzles.


  • Consumers rev their engines as interest in car buying peaks in May.
  • As grilling season peaks, so do people’s love for all things outdoors. In fact, May is the highest month for home gardening interest.
  • Consumers are two times more likely to search for outdoor house painting this month.
  • Personal pampering sees a renewed interest as bikini season strikes. Salon and body treatments start to peak this month and continue to remain popular throughout the summer.


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