InstaSuccess: Why Instagram is for Everyone

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So you thought Instagram was for everyone else.

You are not alone.

Instagram is known as a visual platform for the vast majority of people. This social media house is touted to bring businesses millions of dollars, but most people are under the misconception that IG, as Instagram’s loyal followers refer to her, is only successful for product and image-oriented brands, such as design, fashion, art, photography.

Think again. It’s time to redesign our relationship with IG and make the most of this amazing social media platform.

5 Reasons Instagram Totally Rocks for Everyone

1. Instagram’s video feature

Any piece of content can be captured on video. From skateboarding to surfing to yoga poses, animal antics to nature time lapses; if it inspires you, share it. Intstagram is a space to share the personality behind your brand. People want to laugh, they want to cry, they want to smile and be inspired. Whether you manage a marketing firm, an online coaching business, or a yoga retreat company, a video of a cute animal doing something adorable is bound to win you boat loads of IG accolades.

2. Posting Creatively

Rules of posts fall in line with that of videos: there are no rules when it comes to IG. This means that if you do not sell a product, fear not! You can share images of things that inspire you! The only limit on IG is your own mind. That said, here are a few “best practices” to keep in mind when promoting your brand on IG:

3. Be sure to research this week/ month’s most popular #hashtags for your industry and use them

-Depending on your audience, a short or long caption can complement a visual image

-Brand your images. While IG does not own your content anyone can screenshot, copy, or share your images, and surely you want credit where credit is due. Most importantly, you are using IG to build your brand’s presence. The easiest way to accomplish this is by placing a small logo or website address in a corner of the image.

-Engage with your followers. Engagement includes responding to comments and commenting on others’ IG posts. They will become dedicated to your brand over time.

-Everyone loves a good contest. It matters not what industry you are in, you can create a contest to get your followers excited to be part of your world and engaged in what you are doing.

It’s all about your network

Treat your network of followers as though they are your closest friends. Indeed, in the long run, they may just become friends as well as valued customers. They are supporting your hard work and loyal followers of your brand. The most basic way to let your followers know you care is to engage in some of the best practices mentioned above, such as return comments and offering giveaways. The small amount of effort it takes to stay in touch with your followers will be rewarded ten fold.

Wait and see once you make your first IG sale, or bring in your first big customer.

4. Influencers abound

Influencer Marketing is not reserved only for Twitter, Facebook or blogs. Some of the most powerful influencers hang out on IG and have solid followings in the hundreds of thousands. Find them and make them your allies!

5. Connecting the platforms

IG makes your life easy. Send one post to multiple channels at once: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare.

In Conclusion:

Share beautiful, inspiring images


Run contests


Brand, brand, brand


Find influencer marketers to promote your product


In no time you will be an InstaSuccess!

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