You Launched A New Website, Now What?

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So you’ve spent hours upon days getting your new site all set for the big launch. And before you know it, lift off!! Now your site is out there for the entire world to come and view. So months go by and nothing is happening. Why isn’t anything happening?!?

Well you can’t simply put your site out there and expect crowds of people to just show up. Unless your site has the natural attraction of the president, it just won’t happen. Instead, you need to market your site and let people know it’s out there.


Start with your SEO. Make sure you set your titles, keywords and descriptions for each individual page. If you’re not letting people know who you are by your title and description, then they most likely won’t pay attention to your site.

Make It Social

Connect your site through social media. There’s a huge crowd out there that’s roaming on the various social media platforms eating up all the little bits of information and knowledge that is posted. Create a blog, post your blog on some of the social media networks and link your blog back to your site. This not only brings people to your site, but it allows those who are interested in your content to share it with others.

Analyze Everything

From the get go, you’re going to want to install Google analytics to see the inner workings of your site. You’ll not only want to track how many visitors you’re getting, but you’ll also want to know your visitors’ behavior; where they came from, how long they stayed on your site, what led to a conversion, etc.

Monitor Search Engine Rankings

A good rankings in search engines is vital to having a successful site. Let’s be honest, how many times have you selected to view the second, or even third page on a search engine? Probably not many times, so be sure to keep track of where your site is landing. If it’s on page 10, you’re not getting good visibility and something needs to change.

So these are just a few starting points for your site, but there’s many other tricks and tools to look into after your site hits the web running. We discuss this in further detail in the video above, so be sure to take a quick look.

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