You Have 100,000 Followers – So What

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Social Media Followers MythSocial Media Platforms should not define your company brand.

(Don’t Fall For This Trap!)

In a business world where standing out is the key…This topic is one that really catches a lot of people off guard.

I listen to a lot of marketing podcasts and read a lot of marketing blogs and typically I hear interviews with people who say, “Wow, you have over 100,000 followers on Twitter, you are solid”. First off, Twitter is one platform.

I would ask the question, would you be willing to put all your resources on Twitter with respect to generating all of your sales. For me, absolutely not!

I am not saying that not having followers is a good or bad thing, but too many people put tie too much to these numbers. I am also not saying that you should not be on these platforms, I am simply saying there is a much better approach to take when it comes to measuring your progress.

For me it is about action and activity….

I look at the entire picture: number of phone calls, number of questions submitted on website, dollars, new accounts, and (Who is connecting with me – Follower Credibility)

When you combine the following: (Content + Social Media Activity + Business Operation Data) you start to see the whole picture come together and it helps you make choices with respect to marketing resources and dollars.

Case for the Independent Platform Marketer

I would call myself an indpendent platform marketer. I do not want to be associated with one specific platform over another. The only minor exception might be Linkedin, because I really like connecting with professionals. So I admit I error on this side a bit.

However, I am not going to be one of those marketing experts who puts a ton of merit in Likes, Followers, Plusses or Retweets. If you rely too much on these metrics, you are setting yourself for a huge fall and a lot of dissappointment.

Big Piece of Advice: Anyone can tell or show you how to get more followers, plusses or retweets, but very few can tell you how to get new accounts and add more dollars to your bottom-line.

Instead, focus on building your presence and writing content that attracts the audience you are going after. Focus on generating exposure on different platforms and spend more time on those platforms where you are finding your audience.

If you look at platforms as another marketing channel like email, tradeshows and client service you will see a much better return on your marketing investment.


Remember, you define what people want to remember about your brand. Once you let, a social media platform define who you are, then you start spending too much time on generating results associated with that platform instead of focusing on real numbers for your company.

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