How To Leverage Social Media: Understanding Your Audience

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Social Media. This is a word that has transformed our lives. It controls our lives, and for many people, it is our lifeline. However, what the every day person does not realize, social media is so much more than your hometown gossip and sharing of your personal pictures. It is a place that business people and thought leaders can exchange great information. It allows us to understand our consumers, and read into their thoughts. It’s so much more than what meets the eye; it’s the 21st century’s form of psychology. After all, most people are very vocal on social media, which makes it easier for us to understand their needs and wants, as well as dislikes.

This post is designed to express how social media can be utilized to better understand your consumers/audience. The following are 3 main benefits of social media for any business professional.

1. The Average Joe Loves Attention.  This is a fact that cannot be denied.  As a matter of fact, most of us deep down, love attention; it’s human nature.  However, those that think no one is paying attention, are the ones that crave it the most.

As a business owner/manufacturer/etc., this can be your biggest tool when determining your target audience, and how to reach their needs.

Once you have determined who you will target, it’s time to dive into their worlds and see what they care about most.  For a lot of target audiences, this is easy to find.  With tools out there such as Facebook ads, you’re able to specifically seek out and target a particular group.  With social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, you’re able to easily search keywords that will lead you to your most wanted users.

After you have found them, it’s easy to interact.  Specifically on Twitter and Instagram, you’re able to give your consumers a shout out, ask them questions and continue to interact with them over time.  This ties back to the attention aspect.  You (the brand they love) are (actually) paying attention to them; you’re interested in what they have to say!  This is a guaranteed way to gain your brand exposure, all while creating lasting relationships with your consumers!

2. They Don’t Realize You’re Watching.  As I noted previously, “the ones that think no one is paying attention are the ones that crave it the most.”  Therefore, your consumers are going to be posting how they really feel, their raw emotions towards products,services and so much more.

The best part about this, they don’t realize that you’re trying to understand them better.  They don’t realize you are following keywords, which lead you to them.  This offers you and your team a sense of fresh emotions to your products or services; which is probably just what you need when it comes to targeting.

3. You’re Able To Fully Understand Their Needs.  This note really ties the previous two together.  As it should be clear that you are receiving a pool of green thoughts and emotions, there’s so much more to social media.  It allows you to see their likes, favorites, shares and comments that will even further express their needs and wants.  When compiling all of this information, it should create a sense of uniqueness in your targeting practices.  You’re able to specifically target the needs of your consumers, all while creating rapport and favors among your new and old consumers/audience.

I hope you now understand that social media holds an excessive amount of thoughts and ideas that consumers publish without being aware.  There are so many ways to understand each consumers needs, whether it be Twitter keywords, or Pinterest tags; there’s always a way.

If this post helped you better comprehend how to better understand your consumers.

Now, let’s get started on understanding those you need to know most about!


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