Robot automatically refuels any car with precision

2 min read · 8 years ago



It seems highly plausible that robotic technology could soon be pervading many aspects of our lives — including filling up a car with gas, it seems. The Fuelmatics Automatic Refueling System is a robot helper that enables drivers to precisely fill up their tanks without leaving their seat.

Developed by Sweden-based Fuelmatics along with the Husky Corporation in the US, the machines are designed to reside on the roadside, rather than at designated gas stations. Able to operate unmanned, the system features a screen that displays the unique phone number for each pump. Drivers stop, call the number on their cell or smartphone and follow the instructions to pay. Once the driver has selected the type of fuel and how much they want, the robot uses a camera to identify the location of the fuel tank cap, opens it using a rather odd suction mechanism and accurately docks the pump before filling the tank precisely. Drivers don’t have to get their hands dirty by doing the job themselves, leaving them free to make a phonecall or watch the ads displayed on the screen. The video below show the Fuelmatics system in action:

Although it may take consumers some getting used to, the Fuelmatics system offers quick self-service and convenient payment for drivers, as well as reduced overheads for oil companies. Could robots provide alternatives to other unenjoyable retail experiences?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise