Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

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The Founder Institute, a startup training and launch program, has developed a test to identify entrepreneurial personality traits. Take the abbreviated quiz below for a quick evaluation of your entrepreneurial prowess.

PART 1: Each puzzle has three rows and three columns of designs.
One pattern at left is missing and has been replaced by a question mark. Choose the missing pattern from the eight on the right.

Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

PART 2: For each pair of personality statements below, select the one that describes you the best. You: 

a. Have a good word for everyone    
b. Carry the conversation to a higher level

a. Have a vivid imagination
b. Pay attention to details

a. Get excited by new ideas 
b. Are not easily bothered by things   

a. Believe that others have good intentions
b. Have a rich vocabulary

a. Make friends easily 

b. Can say things beautifully

To take the full test, visit

For each of the following correct answers, give yourself one point. 

Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

10-12 POINTS: You have very strong entrepreneurial DNA. You have the curiosity and originality necessary to challenge accepted norms, and you can quickly solve complex problems in a constantly changing playing field. 

6-9 POINTS: You have moderate entrepreneurial DNA. You have curiosity and the ability to be original, and you are a good problem solver. However, some of your interests and abilities lie outside the entrepreneurial realm.  

3-5 POINTS: You have some entrepreneurial traits, but many of your talents appear to lie outside the entrepreneurial realm. You might be interested in caring for others, or on paying careful attention and working hard at the job you already have. 

1-2 POINTS: Like more than 95 percent of people, your interests and abilities appear to lie outside the entrepreneurial realm. 

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