Flexible Workplace And Hours Are Top Priorities For Candidates

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Talking to candidates for the past month has made one point very clear. Candidates need and want flexibility. The world has changed. If your company doesn’t have a flexible work environment or if you haven’t started thinking about it, be prepared to lose your very best employees.

I live in Austin. The traffic is horrific. I love working from home. I know some of my friends commute over two hours to work everyday. These people, like most, have families. This isn’t 1960. Most families are dual income.

When the economy is hot, people have choices. If you have the choice NOT to get into traffic, would you still do it? No. You wouldn’t. Even if you love the company, if there are options, you would opt out of the commute. Having a ping pong table and beer in the refrigerator isn’t that cool. Dude, I have Jack Daniels and my mountain bike at home.

Money is still a very important motivator for making a change, but I am seeing people take paycuts to have a flexible schedule or to work from home. There aren’t the standard work hours anymore. 8-5 doesn’t exist. Logging in after you leave work is more of an expectation than it has ever been. Personally, after I put my kids down every night, I log on until midnight every night. I get more done and I have less interruptions. As long as the work is getting done, it really doesn’t matter what hours you are working!

There are some employees that still feel like they like going into the office. There is a growing number of people, however, who are just as productive or more productive when they work from home. As a recruiter, I have been able to talk to some of the best talent available and able to get them interviewed & hired into new roles that they wouldn’t normally consider because of a flexible workplace. Currently I have 7 candidates in the interview process that are considering a change primarily because of working remote.

Wow, right?

Well, considering I am not a corporate recruiter anymore and if I hire 10-15 employees in a year then I have had an excellent year, then those numbers mean something.

After attending the Indeed conference a couple of weeks ago, it really made me think. Unemployment is lower than it has been in years. In Austin, for example, there is a 3% unemployment rate. If that is the case and companies are hiring more than they have since 1999, it is truly a war for talent.

Organizations are going to pull every hat trick to try to attract talent. In addition to trying to lure candidates with flexible work schedules, companies are going to have to employ people that many haven’t considered hiring in years. What about the housewife that still has a ton to offer, but can’t work 8-5? What about someone who has an incarceration record and they have been clean for 15 years? We are going to have to find a way to re-employ these employees.

These are real issues that employers have to address. Maybe you should think about your company a little harder and what culture you want for your organization.

What are you doing or what have you done? How is it working for you? If you haven’t done anything about flexible schedules and work life balance, I will just continue to recruit your employees. You can count on that.

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