Blue Spark Debuts TempTraq Wearable Bluetooth Thermometer and App At CES 2015

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TempTraq by Blue Spark Technologies has debuted the first of its kind wearable bluetooth thermometer and app at CES 2015.

The device was built for busy parents who want to comfortably monitor their own body temperature or the temperature of their child for up to 24 hours.

The wearable bluetooth monitor features a printed flexible battery and includes a free downloadable Apple or Android compatible app, allowing users to reach a new level of health care for children of all ages, and even adults.

John Gannon, president and CEO of Blue Spark Technologies says, “TempTraq allows parents to keep a close watch on their child’s temperature without having to continually disturb them. Our wireless, wearable thermometer gives parents peace of mind and their children the rest they need to get better. It’s the only way to monitor a sick child.”

To use the device users simply press the “start” button to activate the thermometer and then connect the device to their app with a unique code that is provide upon syncing. When the users smartphone is within range of the thermometer, they can easily review data and receive alerts from up to 40 feet away.

The thermometer is attached under a child’s arm using a flexible patch that is similar to an adhesive bandage.

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Accuracy of TempTraq Data

The company claims that the thermometer is incredibly accurate for temperatures between  86.0°F and 108.3°F.  The device also provides real time and historical temperature data transmitted from the patch in graphical or tabular view, making it possible for caregivers to see fluctuations and quickly adapt treatment.

The device also features a simplified temperature reading process by providing easy-to-follow colors that indicate temperature levels: Green, less than 100.4°F; orange, equal to or greater than 100.4°F; red, equal to or above the user-set temperature level.

If a child or adults temperature rises into the red zone, an alert can be sent to notify anyone monitoring the device.

If a parent wants to share temperature readings with a doctor, the TempTraq provides the ability to send historical data in the form of an email.

Blue Spark Technology has also created areas where parents can track what their child eats and drinks or when they take medicine.

If you have more than one device and several sick children at home, the TempTraq can also provide monitoring for several different devices at the same time.

The TempTraq is still waiting on FDA premarket approval but should be available in 2015.

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