Happy Data Privacy Day!

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To celebrate Data Privacy Day, here are 10 tips for consumers to keep their data safe, plus bonus tips for retailers on protecting their customers.The best way to celebrate Data Privacy Day isn’t baking a cake or putting up decorations. Here are ten suggestions for honoring Data Privacy Day and keeping your own personal information more secure. Eating cake might be more fun than deleting online cookies, but even the most delicious cake won’t keep you safe from data breaches or hackers.

  • Change your passwords regularly and use strong passwords- pick something more creative than password or 123456 which both made the 2014 List of Worst Passwords (so did dragon!?).
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  • Check your privacy settings on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Use different passwords, user names, e-mail addresses, and credit cards on different sites or for different purposes. If you have the option of turning on two-factor verification on any of your accounts, go for it, especially if they store your credit card number or bank account information.
  • Review and delete online cookies regularly. A lot of us are guilty of this one. A recent Pew Research study revealed that while 62% of people had concerns about online privacy, half hadn’t bothered to delete their cookies in the last month.
  • Protect your phone with a password. Locking your phone will also prevent your friends from impersonating you on Twitter when you leave your phone on the coffee table when you go to get that second cappuccino.
  • Be aware when using Wi-fi connections. Password protect your home connections and be careful when connecting to public Wi-fi. Hackers can easily observe open wi-fi data.
  • Think hard before disclosing sensitive information online, like your Social Security Number or your first pet’s name if you use that for your security question at your bank.
  • When you’re shopping online, trust your gut. If you’re browsing on an unfamiliar site, and the deals seem too good to be true, they probably are.
  • Be careful where you click. Be wary of unfamiliar links and email attachments, especially from people you don’t know and aren’t expecting.

Every day is data privacy day at SheerID. We take your privacy very seriously. That’s why we built a verification platform that only needs your name and birthday (and in some cases, your separation date if you’re a veteran) to verify that you’re eligible for special offers and discounts from our clients.

Why should you have all the fun? Retailers can celebrate Data Privacy Day too. Check out these articles our CEO, Jake Weatherly, wrote for WIRED and Solution Providers for Retail for best practices for businesses.

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