#EmployeeAppreciationDay Challenge: Pay It Forward, Let Your Gratitude Flow

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The first #EmployeeAppreciationDay was observed in 1995, kick-started by a 1994 bestseller titled “1001 Ways to Reward Employees” by Bob Nelson. Twenty years later, the non-official U.S. holiday trends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with some employees grateful for a free breakfast, and others pointing out that showing appreciation shouldn’t be a once-a-year tradition.

And they’re right.

At Bigcommerce, in preparation for the 20th anniversary of Employee Appreciation Day, we launched Project Pay it Forward, the first steps of an ongoing initiative to show gratitude to the coworkers and colleagues with whom we spend countless working hours.

What happened next was truly heartwarming.

This by no means is where Project Pay it Forward ends. Every day, Bigcommerce employees connect with thousands of people who own and manage online stores and are driving exciting, growing brands to the next level of success. Our clients wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities, yet the one thing they have in common is they all seek to provide the best customer-centric digital experience possible. To properly educate and advise our clients as they embark on this mission, it is essential that we are focused on doing the best job possible and that our good will come from within. Humility and humanity is at the heart of business, and it begins with each one of us.

To honor that belief and hold ourselves accountable, we have printed out and set up #PayItForward boards across our three international offices: Austin, San Francisco and Sydney. This effort comes in addition to our quarterly Mojo Awards, an internal achievement given to those who go out of their way to inspire their colleagues, and weekly shoutouts, a Friday ritual in which any employee can take the mic at a company meeting to give kudos to those deserving.

Of course, we understand that everyone is different. Taking to the mic in front of a large group isn’t for everyone. Nor can every employee feasibly win a Mojo Award. Project Pay it Forward stands to connect the dots between each of these Bigcommerce traditions, giving our employees one more outlet to express their gratitude.

To all of you reading, we want to challenge you to Pay it forward. Bring mojo to your workplace. Spread the love and let your gratitude flow.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day.

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