The Lunch Millionaire: A Business Rockstars Minute

2 min read · 7 years ago


Can eating lunch really make you a million dollars? Astonishingly, the answer is yes. But it’s not the food that is going to make you rich – it’s the time. Millions, even billions, of people eat lunch alone. Their reasoning is often good, it’s one of the few times in the day they can get a bit of peace, or it is a time they set aside for themselves and they don’t want to share it. Good reasons. And for many people, fair enough.

But if you want to be entrepreneurial, want to run your own business, want to change your life, want to make that hypothetical million dollars, then your lunch is not about you. It’s about everyone else and potential time. Instead of thinking about lunch as an opportunity to refuel your body think of it as a chance to create new opportunity. Lunch is prime meeting time – perhaps THE prime meeting time – the single best time and way to connect with the other people who are going to be partners, customers, suppliers, all the things you need to succeed in your goals. So don’t waste it. In this Business Rockstars Minute, Ken Rutkowski tells you more on why and how to use your lunch wisely.

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This is one in a continuing series of Business Rockstars Minute videos presented by Ken Rutkowski. They cover a range of small business topics, especially for entrepreneurs, and give you a real quick start on the topic and are a great point for jumping off. We recommend that you check out their daily live shows over at Business Rockstars as well. But most importantly, please let us know what you think in the comments. We want your feedback on how you like these and on future topics.