5 Video Trends that Deserve Marketers’ Attention

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The popularity and effectiveness of video continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Marketers cite video as a top investment priority for the next few years. As such, it’s important to start strategizing now and leverage those trends that best benefit your brand.

1. Instagram now allows brands to post 30-second videos.

Instagram recently announced that it’s increasing the length of video ads from 15 to 30 seconds to generate deeper engagement and enable true storytelling. And perhaps most importantly, it’s allowing brands and advertisers to leverage the rich data available through Facebook’s ad targeting tools for Instagram campaigns. The product update also included the addition of links to its ads so that brands can direct people to install an app or buy a product on the brand’s site.

2. By 2019, 1 million minutes of video content will be transmitted every second.

Cisco recently reported that all forms of video (TV, VOD, Internet and P2P) would account for 79% of consumer Internet traffic by 2019. Marketers have to get in the game now – learn what video content is most effective, identify if long-form, short- form or a mix is most engaging and what outlets provide the ideal environment for reach and viewership. The takeaway is that if you want to get in front of potential customers, video is the place to be.

3. 74% of B2C marketers and 92% of B2B marketers include video in their marketing initiatives.

The Content Marketing Institute cites video as a core component in any content marketing strategy. Reliance on video can be attributed to a number of factors including consumer preference for visual media, and the ability to prove ROI with video.

4. 66% of all brand video shares happen within a week of launch.

What’s more impressive about this number is that the percentage of shares occurring in the first 72 hours after a video’s launch has nearly doubled over the year. Viewers are consuming brand video with such velocity that timing your campaigns has never been more important. The implication for marketers is that content needs to be compelling, and your company needs to be ready for the onslaught of activity.

5. 75% of video is watched in the open web.

Because so much video consumption is happening beyond the confines of YouTube and Facebook, it is imperative for marketers to evaluate alternative distribution channels. This includes solutions that natively embed brand video in contextually relevant outlets like new sites, social gaming environments and blogs.

With the overwhelming growth in video, the recent attention on the space as Google and Facebook battle for dominance, the time is here for marketers to seize the day.

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