France Theme Park Gets Tons Of Drones For Entertainment. Who’s Next?

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The second largest theme park in France called Puy du Fou is getting ready to bring 50 drones into the park. The drones aren’t for surveillance. They’re for entertainment.

The park has a Cinéscénie nighttime show, which is what the flying devices will be used for. The show is extremely popular, and the park goes all out. And I mean all out. 1,200 actors and dancer take part in the spectacle on a 2,500 square-foot stage. These participants go through more than 24,000 costumes, so they must be changing constantly and quickly.

Puy du Fou president, Nicolas de Villiers said in a written statement that they have been looking for a way to incorporate different height levels in the show. “We wanted to create the biggest chandelier in the world in the sky.”

Those engineering the show explored other ideas, but in the end, drones were the winner. Helping get the project up and running is ACT Lighting Design.

Drones have been popular with Amazon and news stations like CNN wanting to use the flying technology. But this theme park in France will be the first to use so many drones in one place.

De Villiers described the project as “very complex.” Because of that, the park decided to create their own drones. They will fly on their own and actually make decisions with their “brain.” They can even “leave the choreography and go ‘home’ if their motor or battery is not working well.”

The French theme park has invested around $2.25 million on the project in the past two years. The drones can carry 6.6 pounds, fly in the wind and rain, and even take off from land and water.

The drones will definitely make the show more over-the-top and add even more excitement for guests.

Will other entertainment companies begin doing the same? Most drones being used or to-be-used in the future are for government and commercial needs, such as Amazon’s Prime Air. But for the future, we may see theatrical flying devices in parades and maybe even plays.

I, for one, could see Broadway and Disney jumping on this.

The Puy du Fou theme park was built in 1978. Last year, it had over 1.9 million visitors.

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