Social News: Facebook Puts an End to Organic Reach for Brand Pages

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facebook_news_brand_pagesThe time we’ve all been hinting at has finally arrived – Facebook is officially putting the kibosh on organic reach for brand pages. Translation? If you’re not paying to be seen, you won’t be seen.

“No matter how creative a brand’s Facebook posts may be, they simply won’t get shown to any more than a negligible fraction of their followers.”

—Omar Ahktar, Senior Editor of the HUB Marketing Technology Resource

Although frustrating, this can be a unique opportunity for marketers to start delivering a different kind of value for brands, beyond the general “like-growth” objective. Whereas the original “community-building” goal still holds true in social media, there are many more options to pursue in Facebook’s robust advertising platform. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Website Click Ads: Use unique targeting to send people off of Facebook and to convert on your website instead
    • Create complex, separated campaigns so that you can look back later and attribute actions to different types of people
  • Facebook Offers: Share a special incentive with a new base of potential customers
    • You can even exclude people that you already have in your CRM so that you’re only finding new faces
  • Bid for Impressions: Though a bit more abstract of a metric, the number of eyes on your content still matters
    • Build up visibility by promoting posts and making sure your brand name is reaching as many people as possible

The key to a strong social strategy is staying in the loop with these updates and shifts. If you’re in-the-know, you can adapt and be sure that you’re taking advantage of the best opportunities for your ad dollars.

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