Technology Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing: When HR Tech Isn’t For HR At All

2 min read · 8 years ago


HR techThere’s been a major technology shift in the HR space this past year. These days, it seems like there are more solutions, apps, and other choices for HR professionals to make. More technology should empower us to be more effective in our work, right?

That’s how it’s always been in the past; applicant tracking systems, or learning management systems – these solutions were specifically designed to help HR professionals complete elements of their core functions, such as recruiting talent, filling open positions, and training employees. But now, a new trend has emerged in HR tech – HR applications that don’t actually focus on HR functions.

New advances in HR tech are now increasingly focusing on business processes that aren’t intrinsically tied to the HR function. For example, performance management applications allow managers and employees to facilitate better conversations around goals and development. This interaction wouldn’t necessarily involve HR, but the purchasing, setup, and management of these systems are increasingly falling into HR’s purview.

The same can be said of other performance management solutions, such as departmental goal-setting programs that allow managers to identify and disseminate goals to certain employees and to track progress. HR normally would not step into business activities like this, but with the advent of these tracking solutions, HR professionals are becoming more involved

All of these examples beg the question: is it a good thing that the “new HR tech” is bringing HR into business practices?

The answer: a resounding yes!

Proving that HR adds real quantitative business value to an organization has been cited as the trigger needed to bring more recognition to the HR industry. Using innovative technology, long considered a challenge for HR departments, to improve management practices and employee effectiveness, is one great way to do so.

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