Creative Video: Your Recruitment Solution

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These days, most people find their new careers via internet portals or work-centered social media such as Linkedin. With looser regulations, greater communications, and lower travel costs, potential recruits have a wide range of opportunities in front of them, even with the supposed economic downturn. Companies across the world are fighting for the best candidates, so you need to make sure that yours stands out.

One great way to boost recruitment is with a well-made video. People, especially younger groups (e.g. Millenials), love interactive video content. It does things that regular pen and paper cannot. Let’s look at how recruitment videos can boost your chances of landing the best candidates.

New technologies and culture shifts have led to changes in the way recruitment is currently being done. Getting your name out there, and showing some great things about your organization across your website, Youtube, Linkedin and other platforms is the best way to reach people now. With today’s advances in video production technology and equipment, creating a professional quality video is also more affordable than ever.

Millennials are the generation coming of age at this time, and they make up the next workforce. You are going to want to cater to them. Show that you are up-to-date with a great recruitment video.

How do you do it?

A great recruitment video will have a few things:

  • Employee success stories – This goes above and beyond an employee testimonial. An engaging employee success story is like a mini-documentary that tells the story of how a person in that age group is succeeding at work. Have employees that are charismatic share why they like working for you and what their experience has been like. It’s a game changer.
  • Footage of the site and surrounding area – Like we said, people want to know what they are getting in to. Not only that but they want to see what opportunities they will have outside of the office. Show the exciting nightlife in town, or other entertainment opportunities. If you are surrounded by beautiful nature, take video of that too.
  • Demonstrate the culture- show what the offices look like and include footage of employees working and socializing. Charts with results and data figures to back up your talk are always good too. When people see a successful company with a good culture, they take notice.

A great recruitment video can be the difference between getting the new blood that your company needs, and losing them to a competitor. Show that your company has a lot to offer and is with the times by creating a great visual experience for potential employees. Get your name out there and it could go viral!

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