5 Guides That Will Improve the Way You Market Online

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In the never-ending journey of online business and entrepreneurship, we can all use everything available to put us a step ahead of the competition. The good news is that in the world of online marketing and business, it’s not just about helping your own business succeed, but helping others succeed as well. This is usually done through online resources, tutorials, guides and case studies from those who have already walked the walk or documented their journey along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to online marketing, an up-and-coming blogger or even an experienced affiliate marketer who has generated millions of dollars in leads online. There is always something new and valuable to learn every day. In this article, I highlight five mind-blowing resources that will help every online marketer, branding expert and entrepreneur improve their conversions, make more money and find more success in the years to come.

The Advanced Guide to SEO

For most online marketers and businesses, their first source of traffic and leads is through search results. While billions of searches are made through Google every day, the majority of people never search and click beyond the first page. In this comprehensive guide to SEO, Neil Patel breaks down every aspect of what’s important for online business and brands to focus their efforts on today. Topics covered are why and how site content gets ranked, web site performance, WordPress usage, data and keyword research, link building and more.

Website Optimization Guide

To build a successful website, blog or online business, you must also understand not only why people are visiting your site, but also what they are doing when they get there. Once you’ve started to learn how visitors are using your site, you can then analyze their movements and where they are going to improve it. Hotjar created an amazing website optimization guide that covers about the importance of using heat maps, recordings and surveys to analyze, track and improve overall site performance and conversions. This is one of the most eye-opening tutorials and guides out there for learning how to better understand your audience.

How to Make Money With Blogging

Blogging has quickly become one of the fastest growing platforms for building a site on the Internet. Through the use of WordPress, a free content management system, anyone can get up and running with their own blog in only a matter of minutes. Starting a blog isn’t just about having your own little space on the Internet to talk about your favorite shows or what you’re having for dinner; blogging is serious business. In addition to the incredible content found within this guide, it has its own infographic to cater to anyone who’s more visual.

Advanced Landing Page Optimization Guide

Business on the Internet is all about lead generation. And when it comes to generating leads online, nothing works better than a landing page. A landing page is the introductory page to a specific online offer or lead generation form. The best way to think of a landing page is to think of a movie trailer: it shows you all the best parts of the movie and gets you hooked in for the sale, which is the same concept behind a landing page. Nearly all businesses and brands use landing pages in one form or another, but not all of them are using them as well as they could be. In this advanced landing page optimization guide from AdsBridge, you will learn how to use of split testing and multiple variations of optimization to continually make minor changes to your landing page, which can result in huge conversion swings and increased earnings.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Killer Explainer Videos

Gone are the days when online businesses rely on text content and banners to deliver their message. Now it’s all about engagement and grabbing the end user’s attention. There is no better way to do this than with video. Explainer videos have quickly become the go-to source for getting your message across to a user, while keeping them interested in the process. However, just like all advertising and marketing methods, not everyone is doing explainer videos correctly. In this explainer video infographic, MarketingInfographics breaks down the many different types of explainer videos out there, case studies highlighting how well explainer videos work, what type of budget should be allocated for such a video and how to be deliver your message to get your audience to take action.

As you can see, there are plenty of high quality and free resources and guides out there to learn from. Just when you thought you’ve mastered the art of online marketing, you learn something new! Take the time to look through each of the guides mentioned above, and bring your business and brand to a whole new level.

Zac Johnson has 20 years of experience in the online marketing and business space. You can learn more about Zac at http://zacjohnson.com and through his latest online learning course and community at http://blogging.org.

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