Six Tips For Starting A Blog

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These Tips For Starting a Blog can make you see more out of your blogging efforts.

Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you could use a blogging brush up. Either way, starting a business blog can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for starting a blog to ensure that you see the most mileage out of your efforts, and to help make it a manageable endeavor.

In addition to the below blogging tips, make sure that you consider grammar and spelling. Strong writing will help your business build credibility in a meaningful way. These tips for starting a blog are designed to help you stay organized and see the most out of your reach. Here are some more SEO copywriting-related tips.

6 Tips For Starting a Blog

Decide on a schedule. It is gut check time. How much time do you have to devote to writing a blog? The more you write, the more opportunity you will have to provide value to your customers. Frequency can also help your SEO efforts as well. I would recommend writing at least once a week in order to maintain a consistency. The more you blog, the more visibility your business can attain.

Develop an editorial Calendar. Blogging can be stressful. It can be overwhelming. One way to cut down on the stress, and to better organize yourself is to plan ahead. An editorial calendar gives you better control of your business’s message. WordPress Editorial Calendar works well for that, and gives you the most control over linking your blog and your calendar. Otherwise you can use a simple Excel spreadsheet, or a productivity app such as Evernote. It will help you keep the schedule you set for yourself.

Find the content at the core of your business. What questions do your customers ask most? What do they most need to know? There are concepts, tasks and products or services that are at the heart of every business. Knowing what that is for you will allow you to write these posts first, and continue to link to them through the life of your blog. This is a great way to ensure that your blog is providing value to readers and customers.

Search for ideas everywhere. If you are keeping up with an intensive blogging schedule you’ll need to practice your idea generation skills as well. What questions are your customers asking? What tasks can your readers learn how to do? But don’t stop there. Bring in ideas from your outside interests where you can. Get a notebook and write them down where you can. Learn to think out of the box to find blog ideas everywhere.

Link inside your posts. Your blog should become a resource for readers and customers. It should be something they can refer back to as they have questions. One way to reinforce this is to provide applicable links to previous posts. It has the benefit of keeping readers on your site for longer, giving them a convenient way to explore more content.

Practice the art of storytelling. As you write, remember that people may see numbers and data, but they remember stories. Learn how to appeal to your readers in an emotional way. The art of storytelling can reinforce your business as an industry expert.

I’m sure there are other tips for starting a blog that I missed. Let me know what comes to mind in the comment section below.

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