5 Essential Tech Tools For Telecommuters

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Remote workers enjoy the freedom of getting to work from anywhere in the world without being tethered to an office space. You could choose to work from the comforts of home, for instance, or even relocate to another country entirely.

If you plan to take your work on the road, here are five gadgets that can help you stay connected no matter where you end up:

1. Mobile Hotspot

Commuters rely heavily on Wi-Fi hotspots. But what if you arrive at a coffee shop and discover that the wireless network is down? You won’t ever miss a deadline if you have a mobile hotspot on hand. These small devices allow you to tether multiple gadgets to a mobile Internet connection. Check with your cellular carrier to see how much a mobile hotspot plan costs.

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2. Wireless Headset

Are you constantly taking calls on-the-go? Being able to do so hands-free and cord-free can be a major boon for productivity. A wireless headset enables wearers to work while multitasking around the house or even during commutes. These headsets generally connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and allow for a range of several feet between your phone and the headset.

3. Unlocked Smartphone

If you’re planning to travel outside of the United States, then it would be wise to consider investing in an unlocked smartphone with GSM capabilities. This way, you’ll be able to purchase a carrier plan and a SIM card wherever you travel to avoid expensive roaming charges.

An unlocked phone can be indispensable – especially when making calls from abroad. Before you invest in a particular phone, check its antenna capabilities to make sure that it will operate overseas. Some smartphones have a difficult time connecting to cellular network bands abroad.

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4. Cloud Storage

As a telecommuter, your equipment is at a higher risk of loss or theft. You might lose a device by forgetting it while out and about, or it might even get stolen during your travels. You can protect critical data by backing up your computer and devices to a cloud storage account. Unlike a hard drive backup, files stored in the cloud are accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

5. Battery Boosters

Telecommuters rely heavily on mobile technology. After accessing your work files and using GPS throughout the day, the batteries on your smartphone or tablet will drain quickly. Carry a battery booster with you so that you’ll have extra power in the event of an emergency.

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