No One Really Cares About Your Articles

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This is really a hard concept for many to get past. (Most people will never care about the information you write)

Just look at the number of people who read your articles and this informaion is very apparent.

Because of this, many people feel it is completely a waste of time to write down thoughts and share them with others. (Who really cares?)

This is the cold reality of what social sharing. As a writer, your job is to write about compelling content that people actually care about. For me, I’ve always cheered for the underdog and I have always wanted to be different. Not, different as adversarial, but different as in making a difference. Standing out for the right reasons and creating influence in a way that helps me connect with the RIGHT people.

In the past, when I first started with social media I was all about follwoer counts, like counts, plusses, etc. Once I figure out how to achieve this, I quickly realized I was in love with numbers and not the people I was connecting with. Frankly, the people I was connecting with really did not care either. So I had a large following of people who bascially did not care about me or the information I was sharing.

In the past three years, I have come to develop a new perspective. Great content comes from people who share from their “own” experiences. People like these, are looking for a fresh perspective on topics and will add supporting information, because the content brought back some type of memorable event from their past. In addition, these same people will remember articles that you have written in the past and will let you know about it when they see you in person.

In addition, people start connecting your content with your company. This is where the real opportunities are realized. Developing a professional brand for yourself and your company is critical. It is one thing to talk about your company, it is another to talk about your own perspective. People really appreciate knowing more about the company representatives and what they stand for with respect to their company.

Success is achieved when people can see a connection between you, your company and the content you provide. Many people may be reading this article and still wonder why I take the time to write articles like this. The fact is, I have a strong compassion for writing on topics that most people tend to ignore. Since I started adding content on this site and our company site, I have witnessed first-hand the value of fresh content. People are still looking for answers to quesitons. That includes me. I get frustrated when I can’t find information to questions I have.

Finally, results. When you write content, you will see results. If you write content that people are interested in, people will connect with you and your company. If you invest the time in writing content, over time you will see more traffic to your company site and personally, your information will connect with the right people. Some of these connections will be some of the best connections you will ever make. Again, the only way you will know is if you are in the game. I can tell you, that if you want to see results, take it upon yourself to write your own content and start sharing it with others. Start reading and following a select group of writers and get connected to the right people. It will make all the difference.

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