Least Interesting Day 1 of CES Ever

2 min read · 7 years ago


cesThis week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is getting a lot of “evers” attached to it. Biggest ever, most attendees ever, most Internet of Things stuff ever. But, unless things start to improve from day one, we can add one more, least interesting CES ever.

Maybe I’m just a jaded tech enthusiast but very few things I saw from day one created any excitement or interest. New 4K high def TVs? Yawn. Lots of fitness wearables? Whatever. Smart home tech? Creepily, most of the new stuff is adding to the privacy invasion fears of smart homes.

I realize that this is a consumer show, but usually there’s something that makes you sit up and think “I can’t wait to get that.” And while there’s probably something really cool at the back of the hall, nothing so far fits the tech lust bill. I did have a moment of interest in some of the wearables for the family dog, but most are still just basic tracking devices (and pricey ones at that).

OK, there was one thing shown at day one of CES that did make me sit up and say “I want that!”. It was during Sony’s announcement of the new Walkman. Now I’m not talking about the actual new Walkman, which looks to be a very overpriced iPod for audiophiles.

Nope, what got me to sit up was the images of the old classic Walkman. Instantly I wished I still had my old one and was thinking about trying to purchase a classic Walkman. I just need to find that box of cassette tapes in the basement.

Now we’re talking about exciting tech.

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