Lenovo To Release World’s Lightest Laptop [Watch]

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This year, Lenovo will release the world’s lightest laptop, weighing in at 1.72 pounds. And even with its light weight, it’s packed with all the software and programs desired by any laptop user.

The body is extremely thin – 16.9mm – and it’s packed with Intel’s 5th generation Core i5 processor. The display is 13.3-inch with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. Most laptops seem to be touchscreen these days, but that’s something the Lenovo LaVie Z doesn’t have. There is, however, a second option that contains a convertible that allows the screen to rotate on a 360-degree hinge – allowing it to be flipped completely around.

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Right now, Lenovo says the battery should keep the system running for 5.9 hours. The company’s convertible can extend the batter life to 9 hours while bringing the entire laptop’s weight to 2.04 pounds.

To make the computer so light, Lenovo used a Magnesium-Lithium alloy case that covers the bottom and top. The case is light like plastic but extremely sturdy. They also partnered with a company that created a laptop two years ago that weighed only 2.2 pounds. The keyboard and display panel was built directly into the frame, which helps reduce quite a bit of weight.

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Everything about Lenovo’s world’s lightest laptop looks like any other computer. Just looking at the pictures show no sign of its light weight. That’s something that can only be experienced by holding it.

Tom Warren from The Verge had the chance to handle the LaVie Z, and he said that when he picked up Apple’s famous MacBook Air after Lenovo’s, it “started to feel really bulky.”

The basic model without the touchscreen will be priced at $1,299, and the convertible model will be two hundred dollars more. Both devices will be available in the United States this May.

Lenovo’s world’s lightest laptop isn’t the only achievement they’ve made recently. They also just announced their latest smartphone – P90 – that will be the first in the market to have the 64-bit Intel Atom processor. They also just added a special selfie flash

Lenovo’s smartphone’s aren’t the most popular in the market, but they’re working to compete with larger companies such as Samsung – whose profits have been declining. Lenovo, on the other hand, has experienced huge increases in sales these last several months.

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