3 Ways Data Viz Fuels Better Customer Service

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Thriving customer service drives business success. Happy and engaged customers save you money in the long run. In fact, it’s ten times more expensive to gain a new customer than retain the customers your business already has.

But, it’s harder than ever to keep customers loyal, as competitors are just a click away. Businesses need to pay attention to the customer service side of the business in real time—and data visualization enables that competitive advantage.

Keep customers around longer, and increase overall customer service, engagement and loyalty. Here are three ways data visualization can improve critical customer service and engagement KPIs.

1. Track and Improve Net Promoter Score

Net promoter score (NPS) takes the pulse on how likely customers are to recommend your business.

A data visualization tool arms your executive team and customer team with the power to gauge your NPS by date, sales rep, or store location. Executives can quickly view a specific store that may be lagging, or identify how customer engagement could be improved. The continuous feedback loop leads to a higher NPS, better customer service, and more new business thanks to happy customer referrals.

2. Visualize Brand Attribute Surveys 

Brand attribute surveys show you how customers view your products, with the goal to align customer perceptions and brand positioning. Generally, these surveys are specific to your market and product offering. For example:


  • What company do you trust most in the market?
  • List the first word that comes to mind when you think of this company.
  • How would you rank the quality of our products?
  • What is the most important factor you look for in the market?

Decoding open-ended questions allow you to look at sentiment and common words used in association with your store. Pair responses with a data visualization tool to better quantify answers, and quickly recognize whether your brand’s messaging is perceived as planned.

3. Maximize Customer Engagements 

Thanks to the social web, engaging your customers is easier than ever. What do they have to say about your brand, and is it a two-way conversation? Customer engagement ratios explore the relationship between brands and engaged customers (versus disengaged customers) to improve and maintain those relationships.

Customers want to know that you are listening and understand their needs. And customers want to engage with trustworthy, interactive businesses. Visualizing consumer engagements gives your brand the ability to see patterns and understand responsiveness.

Executives and store managers can compare interactions by sales rep, product, time of the day or season, specific stores, and more. Use findings to iterate your product and improve one-on-one customer interactions.

How is your brand working to improve customer service and engagement? What KPIs do you track, and have you considered visualizing them? 

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