Quirky Promotional Ideas That Get Attention For Your Small Business

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Time for some creativity! Last week the International Culinary Center in New York City recreated 10 of the most iconic Oscar dresses from the last several years in the form of decadent cookies (yes, that is a cookie on the right in the photo below). This idea of theirs got coverage by every major news outlet from USA Today to ABC News because it was timely (the Oscars were in the news) and it was quirky. The media is always looking for these types of stories and it can really help to get attention for your small business if you come up with the right idea.

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Promotional Ideas That Get Attention

When I was doing a consultation for an outdoor garden center last year, they were looking for ways to get more traffic to their business, which was not really near any main streets of traffic. I came up with an idea for them to make a giant topiary of a bunny, place it at the entrance of the business and publicize it as a great Easter photo opportunity for families (for free). This idea works in so many ways:

  • It relates back to what they sell.
  • They were trying to get more families to visit the center.
  • A giant bunny will get the attention of drivers passing by.
  • It will definitely get them press coverage.

Upcoming Events To Use For Press

So capitalizing on popular events and holidays like the Oscars and Easter is not a new idea, but you do need to come up with a novel approach to make it newsworthy. Here are some other upcoming events in the next 2 months that have great PR potential:

  • Disney’s Cinderella movie (March 13th)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)
  • First Day of Spring (March 20th)
  • Mad Men Final Season Premiere (April 5th)
  • Coachella Music Festival (April 10 – 12, 17-19)
  • Earth Day (April 22nd)

Social Media Events To Use For Press

It seems like there is a national day for everything, but these types of events (although some are silly) do trend big on social media:

  • National Oreo Cookie Day (March 6th)
  • National Pi (3.14) Day (March 14th)
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (March 29th)
  • National Beer Day (April 7th)
  • National Pet Day (April 11th)
  • National Talk Like Shakespeare Day (April 23rd)

Need More Promotional Ideas?

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