10 Surefire Ways a Positive Attitude Increases Success

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Attitude is the inner architect building the resilience of your mindset. It amounts to your perception of success (or failure) and has everything to do with the viability of your career. The great thing is, setting your attitude is your choice.

See all the ways to enhance your attitude:  

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1. Find your inner coach.

What you think about yourself, your abilities, financial gains or losses and your assessments of your capability to succeed becomes what you may actively live out. Actions follow thoughts.

To be successful, choose your thoughts wisely and deliberately. 

When your attitude is nonproductive and you need to shift from a negative thought pattern, draw upon your inner coach: Reprogram fearful defeatist thinking toward thoughts charged with power, conviction and faith. Focus on your abilities to meet your goals.

Learn to coach yourself into a productive state of mind. This coaching can lead  to forward moving action and can be reignited anytime you face a setback.

Think of your attitude with this equation: Energy = Motion. From this paradigm, attitude determines movement forward or back.

2. Determine incentives.

Discover what motivates you to take action. Think back to what has inspired you to change your life and pursue your goals. Knowing why you do what you do is vital to your motivation and passion.

Is your incentive financial gain? Is it self-preservation, stability, anger, dreaming or fear? Having clear incentives can instantly shift your attitude to being positive.

When you can motivate yourself toward a goal, your attitude becomes infused with your inner power, enthusiasm and passion. Your outlook on business is elevated. You walk faster. Smile more and carry a posture of assuredness, which draws even more success your way.

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3. Set benchmarks.

Creating benchmarks can help you visualize your goals so they are right in front of you as you strive to enhance and focus your skills. To maintain an attitude of enthusiasm, create benchmarks of success and think about them intentionally and consistently.

The more deeply you believe a goal will come to pass, the more likely it will. This type of mental practice keeps your attitude positive and directed toward attainment of your ultimate success. I believe you naturally strive toward what you visualize.

4. Manage anxiety.

When challenges surface in business, you might experience a loss of control over your emotions and thoughts. To remain optimistic, discipline your mind to stay clear of catastrophic thoughts and the “what if” slippery slope of anxiety.

Anxiety is simply fear projected forward. Remind yourself that if a “what if" is not happening now. It is just a story. Focus on what you can control right now. Each thought is a seed you plant that programs your attitude and your subsequent behavior. To keep a great attitude, learn to focus your mind on solutions, not problems.

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5. Create a positive impression. 

To reach your peak potential on the climb to success,  be driven and shrewd but also happy and enjoyable to work for and with. Your heights of success increase the more infectious you appear to other people. Your personal vibe is either going to repel people or draw them in.

When you carry an attitude of excitement and vigor, this transfers to those around you and increases business morale. When your attitude is gregarious, infectious and all about living life to its fullest, you have unlimited potential: That’s because you are able to positively motivate others into wanting to support you to achieve even higher levels of success.

6. Show your hunger.

Be hungry for success. That way you will have a natural eagerness permeating your attitude. You cannot wait to get to work to put that hunger into motion.

Hunger is the emotional speaker of the house. This energy is the driving force behind the attainment of your goals because there is a 100 percent commitment to what you are doing.

Total commitment cuts through doubt. 

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7. Find the deeper meaning.

Connecting with your spiritual empowerment system will nuture your soul and your business. The deeper connection you feel to the purpose of your business the more you will experience your higher life purpose as being expressed through your work.

Your business is a place where you have the ability to impact others positively on a grand scale. This type of empowerment gives meaning to what you’re working for. You are able to see that your purpose is powerful and helpful in the lives of others, which further empowers you to do what you do.

8. Carry some lightheartedness.

Find the humor and lighter side of life as you climb the ladder of success. This will decrease your stress. The less stress you feel the more positive energy you will have available in support of your hard work.

To be lighthearted is a great attitude skill that lightens up your business environment. It adds charisma (a highly attractive quality) to your persona because it breeds trust and the desire of others to want to work with you and for you.

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9. Engage in physical activity.

The quickest way to change a negative attitude is to change your physiology. If you are stressed, physical activity provides a quick release. This can help you work at cleansing a negative thought pattern and redirect your energy to seeing the positive.

Exercise (or movement of any sort) propels you into an altered state of mind, allowing you to increase your optimism. Movement provides the natural stress release necessary for continued motivation and mental clarity. If you can’t hit the gym on a stressful day, you certainly can escape the office to take a 15-minute walk to shift your mental paradigm. 

10. Aim for self-mastery.

To be successful, understand the two things you have control over: your thoughts and feelings. If you are naturally more pessimistic, then take responsibility for consciously choosing your attitude.

Exude an aura of positivity in setting your work ethics and in your interactions with others. When you master your inner world, you can dominate your outer world.

In the business world where every person has the same access to aim to build their resources, talent, finances, technology and the like, a person is often successful, based solely upon his or her determination, resilience and attitude.

In business, attitude is everything. If you believe you can succeed, you very well might. Your attitude about success can become your self-fulfilling prophesy. Choose to be a victor.

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