3 Ways for Small Businesses to Seize the Big Super Bowl Opportunity

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To take advantage of the consumer frenzy of Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday, big businesses are willing to shell out $4.5 million for a single 30 second, game-time advertisment. But small business have a stake in the winnings from the big game as well. Here’s how your business can be a big player in this year’s game:

1. Keep Score

For the first time in Super Bowl history, sports fans will be able to stream the game live from their phones, tablets, and PCs. The resulting rise in the number of people interacting with their mobile devices during the game presents a marketing opportunity for small businesses. Have a member of the marketing team follow the score and post live updates on social media. Use these updates and tie them back to your product or service. For example, a small cleaning service could tweet about the Patriots taking the lead and ask if New England fans spilled drinks during the celebration.

2. Offer Special Deals

Without support that Super Bowl ads give to big business, creativity may be a small business’s best bet. Take for example Gardiner’s Furniture and Mattress. The Baltimore area business promised to refund every customer purchase made in the days before the 2013 game if the Ravens returned a kick for a touchdown. While this strategy seems risky, the business won out big by the publicity it attracted to the business in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and The Baltimore Sun.

3. Parody Big Business

Another line of defense for businesses who miss out on the spotlight during Sunday’s game is comedy. Some small and medium sized businesses, instead of spending extravagant money on ad space, are making light of big businesses who do. For example, during last year’s game, Newcastle put out the “If We Made it” campaign that satirically acted out what the company would have done if they scored a game-time ad slot. Studies show that using humor that consumers can attach with an experience is an effective marketing strategy.

Don’t Let Opportunity Be a Coin Toss

When consumer events like the Super Bowl present marketing opportunities, big businesses always take advantage. Don’t let this year’s game be a coin toss for your small business. Take control of the opportunity by interacting with your mobile customers during the game and using elements of creativity and humor to capture their attention away from big competitors. Good luck, and Game on!

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