Tracker uses gaming to help users perfect posture and breathing

2 min read · 7 years ago



The health tracker market is maturing enough that startups are now focusing on the more subtle aspects of daily fitness — from Arki, the walking posture monitor, to the Spire breathing tracker. Now Prana is an all-in-one wearable device that tracks breathing and posture, using gamified training to improve users’ health.

Scientists are coming to a consensus about the negative effects of the 9-to-5 lifestyle, decrying sitting as the new smoking. The problem is that slouching is bad for the body as well as helping to restrict proper breathing and oxygen flow to the vital organs. Prana is a small device that can be clipped onto clothing, silently measuring wearers’ upright posture and breathing levels. Through the companion app, they can see at a glance a percentage score for both metrics.

If they’ve got a low score or it starts to drop, users can take advantage of training games that help them develop an improved ability to manage their breathing patterns and posture awareness, based on both medical studies and yoga learning. The games are designed to be fun, such as a relaxing version of Flappy Bird that’s controlled using the wearers’ breathing.


Devices such as Prana can provide users with the small adjustments they need to make to reduce stress, improve health and avoid back pain, among other lifestyle changes. The product is set to open for pre-orders soon, and although a price is yet to be confirmed it should retail at around USD 149. Are there other subtle health metrics that haven’t been tapped by the fitness tracking market?


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