Is Your Corporate Culture the Culprit?

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Use design thinking to ignite creativity and drive customer success

In today’s world customer experience is everything. More important than cost, more important than features, if you’re not ensuring great experiences then you won’t grow your business. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience. So not only do great experiences help you keep your customers, it can also help you grow. Despite all this, fewer than 50% of companies have any sort of strategy around customer experience.

An expert in the Customer Experience space, Catherine Courage, SVP of Customer Experience at Citrix, shared her views on how creating a culture of creativity and innovation can help drive customer success.

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3 Steps to Create a Culture of Customer Success

1. Culture of Value

The first step is to drive value at every step of the customer journey and throughout every part of the business. People need to understand how their role effects customer experience, no matter what team they are on: product, marketing, sales, finance, support, operations, etc. If This culture of value is encouraged and fostered across the entire company, you are able to create a unified experience for your customers every step of the way.

2. Culture of Customer Empathy

Truly understanding your customers and making sure every decision you make has your customer in mind is a way to ensure Customer Success. This is imperative to any customer experience strategy. Now depending on your product and your role, your “customer may not be just the person who buys they product, it could includes your users, partners, and your employees. Keeping the customer first and foremost will ensure that you make the best decision to ensure success.

3. Culture of Continuous Improvement

Iterate, iterate, iterate, and when you think you have it perfect, iterate some more. Customer Success is not a static function and it is something that will never be “done.” To successfully create great customer experiences you need to make sure that you are continuously striving for better than what you have today. Play to win!

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