10 Quick Video Statistics You Need to Know

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shopping cart video statisticsWant to know the latest in video and visual commerce? We’ve got your back. In our newest edition of our annual Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary report, we’ve compiled the best of the best video statistics from all around the web.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the stats that I thought were most interesting:

  1. 96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.
  2. Video viewers on e-commerce sites are 1.6x more likely to buy than non-viewers. That’s a lot of extra sales!
  3. According to Cisco, video will represent 79% of global web traffic by 2018.
  4. What happens in just one minute? 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and 323 days of video are viewed on Facebook.
  5. There’s science behind why video and visual commerce works. The brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text.
  6. Mobile video traffic will grow 14x by 2018. And smartphones and tablets already account for over a quarter of all online video viewing!
  7. 74% of B2C marketers and 92% of B2B marketers use video as a part of their marketing efforts.
  8. The majority of social media video sharing occurs on Facebook (59%). Twitter and Google+ are the next, albeit distant followers, making up 14% and 9% of sharing respectively.
  9. Video goes beyond making the sale: 93% of shoppers find video helpful for instructions after a purchase. Your customers look to video for support too!
  10. In online advertising, rich media ads are significantly more engaging. Rich media ads hit engagement rates of 16.85%, compared with 2.14% engagement rates for standard banners and 1.62% for mobile.

And that’s just the start! If you’re hungry for more, be sure to check out the eBook. You’ll definitely want these video proof points in your arsenal!

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