5 Ways Improving Communications Within Your Team Will Drive More Online Sales

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5 Ways Improving Communications Within Your Team Will Drive More Online Sales

We hear it time and time again, communication is the key ingredient to any successful relationship, including the one with your colleagues. Happiness in the workplace drives productivity, increases effectiveness and harnesses a positive work environment. Often the attitude of a workplace is based on the pass/fail model, we don’t learn from our mistakes and continue to repeat our failures. This is due to a lack of communication and a rush to move onto the next big thing before properly assessing and analyzing your data with members of your team.

Was the marketing ineffective? Maybe the messaging was targeted to the wrong group? Did the landing pages and CTAs re-direct to the right links? Were there other variables you missed that caused a decrease in sales? It’s important to understand all of these factors by ensuring direct communication with all team members to properly understand your funnel from sales teams, to marketing and even the designers and programmers.

To sum it up, money drives sales, sales drives motivation and motivation drives a higher success rate. So how can you effectively improve communication within your team to drive more online sales? Follow these 5 best practices for more effective communication within your team to make your online sales soar.

1. Establishing clear targeted and shared goals

Allows targeting

Success doesn’t come from thin air, it comes from planning, goals and executing them. Establishing a clear sales funnel ensures that your team is aligned with their individual campaigns targets and that they understand the task at hand in order to increase sales.

In order to do this, you need to create a clear sales funnel in order to make your campaign profitable and have a successful conversion rate. By creating funnels, you can determine the metrics required for your campaign targeting. How will you drive traffic to your site? How will you measure conversion? Keeping a spreadsheet of these metrics will keep your team goals aligned and keep them motivated by being able to monitor your campaigns performance.

2. Clear instructions

clear instruction

Each member of your team should understand what their job role is. From ad copy to design and targeting to campaign structure, the success of your campaign relies on these components syncing together. In the end, you want to drive the right targeted groups to your campaign in order to make a sale.

Did you make sure your design team placed the CTA in a clear visible place? Did your marketing team express the copywriting correctly? Did your programmers set up all the fields correctly within the landing pages? Its’ vital that each member understands their role in the sales funnel in order to make the campaign successful.

3. Providing feedback

providing feedback

This is unfortunately where many team leaders fail. A good teacher always makes sure that their student receives feedback, both the positive and the negative. Everyone needs room for improvement and in order to improve, you must receive criticism for your work.

In an online sales funnel, your performance can easily be monitored. Online marketing provides instant gratification and constantly is being retargeted and scaled up to improve performance. Your team should be reviewing these metrics daily and communicating with each other their analysis of their data to improve the conversion rate of the campaign.

4. Accountability for your own metrics


This is where communication is essential, everyone must understand their data and monitor and revise it constantly. Part of this process includes doing A/B testing and sharing your data collected data with members of your team to help them better understand where in the sales funnel they are either increasing or decreasing clicks to the site. Many teams choose to use a CRM system to keep them on the same page for customer relations, and communicate amongst one another.

It’s important that team members are meeting regularly and sharing their data with another, reporting to the appropriate people changes that need to be made. If someone isn’t meeting their goals, don’t just reprimand them. Try and understand why they aren’t being met. Was there a miscommunication? Did they not understand their job? Maybe another team member effected them to perform poorly because they didn’t do their job properly. Analyze all of these factors to determine the reason for their successes and failures.

5. Reaping the rewards


Everyone likes a pat on the back for a job well done. And there’s nothing more rewarding for someone than seeing the success of their blood sweat and tears. Often we forget to praise our colleagues on their work and continue to move onto the next project without any recognition of their hard earned labor.

Rewards don’t have to be material, it can be something as simple as recognizing individuals during your company meeting for their work or going big and treating them to a beer. Whatever you might choose to do, appreciation goes a long way and will bring bigger rewards down the line for more success.

Do you want to be part of the winning team?

While being cliché, everyone knows that being a team player makes you win big. At the end of the day, it’s about communication and understanding how to properly manage your team to drive big sales. You think you’ve got it all figured out? Then you’re on the right track for profitability and continual growth, larger scale campaigns and better performance.

How about you ? What’s your opinion on this ?

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