Facebook’s Retargeting Pixel Tool Remarkets to Website Visitors on Facebook

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Website and Facebook: A Two-Way Street to Increase Sales

Social Media has turned old marketing models upside down.  However, business websites continue to be the foundation upon which all other marketing is based today.  Even those businesses that advertise in print routinely add their web addresses.  Websites are virtual storefronts – even for those who have real storefronts.  So getting people to your website is crucial – and getting them to return is often even more important.

But how do you get the people who have visited your website without completing the desired action (sign up for a newsletter, make or complete a purchase)?

Once again, Social Media has the answer.

With Facebook’s Custom Audiences you will be able to remind people who have viewed your website and then visit Facebook about your products and/or services.  These ads can include special offers that sweeten the deal and will lead them back to the website, where they can complete the desired transaction.

By creating a Custom Audience for your website in Facebook you can target your Ads to people who’ve visited your website, giving you a second chance to market to people who have already expressed interest in your products.” (Facebook for Business)

But there is another feature to this new tool that may be even more powerful.  By adding a “lookalike audience,” your ad will also be displayed to people who are similar to your current website visitors.

It is a reality that people share a lot of personal information about themselves on Facebook.  Facebook’s ability to analyze that data in order to find “mirror” audiences that are most likely to be interested in certain products and services gives anyone participating in Facebook’s many advertising opportunities a great advantage when it comes to driving sales.

In a nutshell, by adding a line of code to your website and placing an ad, you can…

  • Bring back former website visitors to complete a purchase.
  • Bring new customers, similar to your current website visitors, to your site.

All Facebook Business Pages have access to this feature.  It requires running an advertising campaign and placing a line of code into your website.

What does this mean for you?

Marketing and advertising today requires both a functional, optimized and informational website and a strong social media presence.  More and more, it means finding new ways to leverage both websites and social media to attract new customers while keeping present customers happy.  This new tool gives your business the opportunity to do all of that.

We really like using Custom Audiences from your website—it’s helped us double our best click through and has delivered a great return on ad spend.

Nick Eppley and Juliette Rule, Marketing Managers, Sierra Trading Post

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