Should I Start Again With My PPC Account Structure?

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When dealing with Pay Per Click accounts, you can find yourself wading through a mess, not knowing where to begin when it comes to tidying it up and moving forward. If you have so many campaigns, groups and keywords in place that you don’t know where to start, one option is to scrap it all and start again. Here are three questions to ask – and answers to look for – to work out if this is the best plan.

Will it be Significantly Easier to Manage?

If you have an abundance of campaigns and ad groups you could end up with overlap between them. This can mean keywords compete or get no performance at all, yet still take up space. Misspellings, plurals and synonyms can clutter up any account, which makes it hard to take action and create growth.

Starting over will let you cut down on the keywords, campaigns and ad groups necessary to advertise what you are offering. With a fresh slate you will regain control and organisation, helping you make changes easier and more quickly, which enables you to target better to your potential search audience. Ask yourself if the time and energy this will save in the long run will be worth the effort of starting over.

Will You be Able to Judge Your Performance More Effectively?

Obviously starting over will make your account much more organised, but it can also help you track your performance more efficiently. Instead of having to sift through vast swathes of your account, you have less places to look and will get a better understanding of what works, and what requires improvements.

If you have lots of elements to your account, particularly if some of them overlap, it can be particularly difficult to pinpoint the good, the bad, and indeed the ugly.

Again, the question to ask is: will the time and energy you will save in the long run be worth the effort of starting over?

Can You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises?

Every change you make can affect the performance of other areas. Keywords you didn’t even know were in the account can suddenly show a spike after the slightest change, confusing matters even more. By starting from scratch you can keep track of all of your settings, which could help avoid surprises like that.

Starting again isn’t the answer for everyone. You are almost certainly going to feel that you don’t want to throw away all the hard work you have put in so far. However, sometimes that approach can lead to making much more hard work for you in the future. So try to be clinical about this; does your account simply need a little fine tuning, or will you be able to save yourself much more sweat and tears by starting afresh? Once you have analysed this rationally, you will be able to see the best way to move forward.

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