37 Crazy Apple Facts & Stats (Infographic)

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When it comes to the tech giant Apple, there is more to it than meets the eye. It isn’t simply one of the biggest companies for nothing and keeps miles ahead of competitors only with good reason.

Here are some little known facts about the company that are sure to astound you in infographic by ShopOnLess.com:

  • The retina display on the Apple iPad is manufactured actually by Samsung
  • In fact, not only that, as many as 30 per cent of the AB chips that are used in the iPhone 6 are also made by Samsung
  • Apple is also known for keeping margins very high. Samsung sold twice as many phones as Apple but the revenue that they generated was pretty much the same and the profit Samsung made was much less
  • Apple has more operating cash in its hands than the U.S. Treasury itself
  • As a company, Apple’s worth can be stated as more than the worth of the entire stock market of Russia
  • Apple has so much money that they could afford to be each and every one in the United States an iPod Touch and still be left over with some excess cash
  • Apple has the patent for the “slide to unlock” feature that is typical of their devices
  • Smoking near an Apple computer can actually void the warranty
  • While on an average a PC owner would spend 50 hours each year troubleshooting, the average time spent troubleshooting for a Mac owner would be a mere 5 hours each year
  • Such is the madness for Apple products that in an Apple store in Japan, there was a fan who began waiting in line as many as 7 months early for his iPhone 6
  • Apple analyses and stores everything that a user says to Siri
  • The Apple iPhone consumes a mere US $0.25 worth of electricity in an entire year if its charged fully once each day
  • An actual apple was the inspiration behind the name “Macintosh”

So Apple as a company is fun and interesting in equal measure as it is geeky and tech savvy. Their line up of facts and stats is as interesting as their line up of products and add much value to their brand overall.

The reason Apple is one of the leaders is because it dares to think different and each of these facts and figures come as a direct result of their philosophy to approach each thing in their own way.

And more interesting facts are:

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Interesting Apple Infographic 2015

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