The Power Behind Your Call-to-Action

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When it comes to your content in general and your call-to-action in particular, it is extremely important to choose your words carefully. The words that you choose to use in your call-to-action potentially have a great deal of power behind them.

Choose the words wisely because they will bring you very far

Each word that you choose has the potential to bring you further along in your quest to gain more and more success in your business and for your brand. Some of the words weigh more than some of the other words but they are all important and each one deserves the same amount of consideration. Words lure your readers and the call-to-action is the bridge that allows your readers to cross over from merely appreciating and benefiting your content to establishing a relationship with you and your brand. That is why the language that you choose for your call-to-action should be as effective and compelling as possible. It needs to grab your readers and cause them to want to establish a true connection with you. Of course, the main reason for that is that you want those online connections to eventually become your loyal customers. It is not really a far-fetched idea if you stop to think about it. You may be surprised at what an impact the right words in a call-to-action can have.

When it comes to choosing the language that works the most effectively in your call-to-action, your choices should not be accidental. People who have done extensive research on the psychological effect of certain words on the reader swear by the particular word choices. The reason that they are so convinced that those are definitely the words to use is that they have worked well for them for their business and brand.

  • Use the word “new”: Psychologically and emotionally, using the word “new” has a specific effect on your readers. It makes the person feel that what is being offered is special for them. If is new, it is novel and exciting and they are one of the first people to have the privilege to be allowed to take advantage of it. Exciting, innovative products and concepts are at their fingertips and that makes them feel very special. You are making them feel very special.
  • Use the word “because”: There is something about the word “because.” It is not going to be the case that you are going to respond with just “because” when you are asked a question by the other person. The word will have an explanation following that word. In other words, if the person hears because, they will automatically associate that word with the concept that valuable information will follow immediately. You will be satisfying the person’s wants and needs in that situation.
  • Use the word “free”: The fact is that everyone loves to feel as though they are getting something for nothing. For that reason, “free” elicits an emotional response in the other person. It goes back to the concept of feeling special. It says that you value that person so much that you are willing to give them something without their giving you something in return. Of course, it is critical that you make the other person understand that you are offering something of value. The person probably wouldn’t be interesting in getting something from you that is not valuable in their eyes. Use those words to express that whatever you are offering is really worthwhile.
  • Use the word “you”: It is important that you make each and every member of your target audience feel as though you are only speaking to that person. Nobody else matters in that situation (or, at least, that must be the perception that you create). You are connected to the other person for one reason and that is to satisfy that person’s wants and needs. That brings customization to a whole new level.
  • Use the word “immediately” or “instantly”: Instant gratification is definitely the name of the game! Can you think of a single person who would rather wait for something than having it handed to them immediately? Nobody can because it just isn’t human nature. Give it to them now and they will be happy.


It is important that you seriously consider the words that were mentioned above. They may dramatically improve the effect that your call to action (or, several versions of your call-to-action) has on other people. The positive side effect for you and your business/brand will be more interactions and, eventually, more business. When it comes to your calls-to-action, it is very important that you clearly state what you want from the other person and tell the other person what you can do for him or her. Remember that without a call-to-action, your readers will have no way of interacting with you. Beyond that, without an effective call-to-action, your readers will not care about whether they interact with you or not.

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