Why Are Landing Pages Important?

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When you look at the overall landscape of your digital marketing plan, there’s so many little intricate pieces that fit into specific parts of your overall plan. It’s like the engine of your car; if one part breaks down, the entire system fails. And well, we all know where that leaves us — on the side of the road, or at least if your car breaks down.

But the same goes for your digital marketing plan. If all the little pieces aren’t doing their part, it fails. And a big piece of the engine is your landing pages. But believe it or not, nearly 44% of clicks for B2B companies aren’t directing people to landing pages. Instead, they are directing their traffic to their home page. This is most likely creating a high bounce rate.

So why are landing pages so important? Let’s take a look.

It’s All About The Leads

The traffic coming to your site is supposed to turn into leads, at least that’s the intention. But if someone is coming to your site looking for a specific product or service you offer, chances are they aren’t going to be pleased if they click on an ad and find themselves on your home page. That just means they have to navigate through your site to find what they are looking for. By sending these people to your specific landing pages, it’s going bring in more leads.

Collect Information

Typically your landing pages are going to have some type of form, and by directing potential leads to your landing pages, you’re giving them the opportunity to provide you with some information about themselves. Phone number, geographic location, and if you get really lucky, they might even pop in their email address. This will allow you to better understand your target audience and where they are coming from, which ultimately helps you target the RIGHT audience down the road.

Lots Of Opportunity To Share

The nice thing about creating landing pages is you have the availability to share it just about anywhere you want on the internet. Social media pages, paid search ads, email campaigns, etc. You name it, you can share it. And the best part is you can track it. You can see where most of your traffic is coming from and what is and isn’t working through your analytics. Again, this will help you devise a better plan with future projects.

It’s A Short Cut

Raise your hand if you’ve played Mario Bros. 3 on Nintendo. Yes, I know, that’s a long time ago, although it is a classic. Now raise your hand if you used the Magic whistle in Mario Bros. 3 to skip through levels. I’m sure most of you, if not, all of you raised your hands. That’s because everyone enjoys a nice short cut. And that’s exactly what a landing page is. Instead of people having to skim through pages of content on your website, they can use the “Magic Whistle” and skip right to the page they are looking for. This will ultimately drop your bounce rate and increase conversions.

In The End

It’s pretty obvious why landing pages work and why they need to be a part of your marketing plan. Keep in mind that people want to land on a page for the product or service you offered in your ads, so keep it simple and stick to what you promised. If you need some tips on how to create a landing page, check out this blog post.

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