Writing Habits Explained: How They Can Influence Your Business [Infographic]

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When you write books, articles, reviews, essays or blog posts your goal is to impress your reader and create content worth checking. Yes, somewhere deep inside we all want to be popular and recognizable authors, and we believe our writing skills will be enough to become second Hemingway or Coelho at least. But even if we don’t, we understand the importance of our content’s popularity for online business, and we try to do everything to generate it and turn our readers into customers.

But it happens sometimes, that a writer becomes popular thanks to his awkward habits, not his awesome writings. No, his writings are awesome indeed; but the audience starts noticing them just after they find out the writer could not create his stories without having a box of rotten apples under his bed for example. Can this phenomenon be explained from a rational point of view?

This infographic unscrambles all strange habits of famous writers and explains how they influenced their works. For example, according to a circadian rhythm theory, night writing can be very effective because this time is a peak of creativity for many of us; caffeine stimulates memory, theanine in tea helps a writer stay focused; even if we have a quite strange habit, such as lying in a coffin while writing, the rational explanation of this excentric behavior can be found. So, next time when you write your business article naked or when you wear your lucky sweater to finish your next chapter, you’ll know that you are not weird; you just try to help yourself come up with high quality content, using the things or doing the deeds that make you feel comfortable, motivated and productive.

So, if your writing habit is:

  • night writing: big chances are this is a peak of your creativity, so you will come up with great writing ideas;
  • morning writing: you stimulate your brain activity thanks to natural light;
  • drinking coffee while writing: you increase a serotonine level and stimulate your memory;
  • drinking tea while writing: its theanine inhances your creativity and helps you stay focused;
  • walking before writing: you stimulate the creativity center of your brain;
  • having a pet next to you while writing: you reduce your stress and risk of depression;
  • writing in a lying position: you help your creativity (according to this research).

Do not consider your writing habit anything bad or inappropriate, and you will help yourself generate high quality content for your business websites or blogs.

Opposite Habits of Famous Writers by Bid4Papers

The infographic source: Thoughts Behind Habits of Famous Writers.

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