Where to Look for Good B2B Sales Lead

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Where to Look for Good B2B Sales Lead image Where to Look for Good B2B Sales Lead3Where to Look for Good B2B Sales Lead

Looking for reliable B2B sales lead is as hard as keeping them. Marketing is a cycle and it starts with finding your leads. As cycle it often goes back to the start, now you don’t want to get stuck hanging in uncertainty because your business is cut short by the lack of sales leads. What makes it even tougher is there are other companies competing for the prospects. It is a huge industry and it is a huge place to look for sales lead.

Looking at the right places is not as complicated as determining if the prospect can be a possible lead. But the places where you look for, may determine whether or not the business prospects can be converted to B2B sales lead.


Telemarketing has the potential to be very effective because it gives you more ways to directly communicate with your prospect. However gathering the prospect’s contact details may get difficult especially for B2B sales leads.


Email is quite effective however you need to have a list of definite contacts that can be converted into prospects. Although, getting a directory of emails might be a little tricky, you can gather email addresses from your business’ subscribers.


This method may be a little dinosaur age but is still definitely worth a try. As strange as it may sound there are people who still don’t have email addresses. Although direct mail is expensive, it can yield good results since people always give more attention to the mails they receive through the post.

Word of Mouth

Referrals are still an efficient way of getting prospectsThe most effective trick is you have to proactively ask for probable leads, from current customers and even prospects. If you have partners, they can also to their own leads about recommending your company.


Some companies have partner companies to which they can share leads with, however it would only be fair to share your list of leads in exchange. You can come up with an agreement with your partner companies about the quantity and quality of leads you can exchange. The agreement could also include the other company sending a referral of promotions that your company offers; of course you can also do the same for them. Exchanging of contact information of your leads can prevent your leads from being stagnant.


Media has been holding the most influence to consumers. Print and broadcast media is viewed by consumers as the reliable sources of information. However, generating B2B sales lead through getting an advertisement on the radio, television or even a newspaper can be costly. But if you are willing to risk money then print and broadcast media is an option you can consider.

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