3 Marketing Lessons From The 2015 Academy Awards

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While the Academy Awards may not have produced many memorable brand moments, short of a few tweets recreating last year’s epic selfie, they did offer some lessons brands can use to stay relevant and visible in a noisy, ever-moving market.

The Sound Of Marketing

Lady Gaga’s amazing tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound Of Music stole the show last night and demonstrated how brands can reinvent themselves and bring new life to something old. By paring contemporary components with the passion that spawned the initial conception, brands can reinvent themselves and reclaim authority. Just as Lady Gaga proved she can stand alone in a new, “conventional” market, brands must prove their value to users when launching new campaigns or rebranding their look and feel.



Graham Moore, who took home the award for best adapted screenplay, delivered a powerful thank you speech focused on the value of being different during last night’s ceremony. This message speaks as much to individuals as it does brands, and shares the importance of finding the right audience for your message. By being unique, brands can earn an edge over the competition and help increase exposure to the right audience.


Share Your Views In The Spotlight

The Oscars have become a stage for actors to express their views that span beyond the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. While discussing social or political movements may not be appropriate for all brands, leverage your digital channels to express your brand’s values to your audience. By creating an emotional tie to your brand’s benefits, you can create more memorable and moving campaigns that increase user engagement.


The key takeaway for brands is to develop a strong personality and voice that can captivate audiences and create strong connections. By incorporating a human element into your brand, it can build relationships and increase authority through relevant, valuable, and personalized content.

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