Millennial Women: the Untapped Market

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Who are millennials?

Millennials are categorized as anyone born after 1980 generally between the ages of 18-34 years old. According to the latest census millennials make up around 25% of the population in North America, making them the largest demographic.

Holding such a large percentage of the population gives this demographic a huge boost of popularity with marketers. However there is one flaw that brands pursing millennials tend to forget, they are not all male. A majority of advertisements these days focus on a very manly or bro culture type ad where women are the heroine or are portrayed as secondary. Just think of Old Spice’s latest campaign “Smell Like a Man” or Game of War using Kate Upton. Even though the modern women is financially strong, independent and holds the majority of the purchasing power in the home, they are not being targeted correctly. It’s a common practice that when women are the target of an ad they are for women-specific products only.

Millennial Women

This strategy seems odd considering that the majority of vocal users on social media are women, and that increasingly popular social media platforms like Pinterest are 80% women users. Women are the activists and the advocates online especially in the consumer products space. So how can brands and marketers influence the untapped region of millennials and choose not to ignore the billions of dollars in potential revenue?

Women Have the Power

First of all you need to understand that millennial women are not a single group. Ranging from the ages of 18-34 these women need to be marketed in very different ways. Secondly women like to be inspired by the brands they choose to buy and follow. They buy from brands with a positive image that supports the brand and makes them feel good about their purchase. Hollow messaging won’t work with the millennial women, she needs to feel something from you and certainly do not just talk about yourself. Thirdly do not stereotype, women are increasingly entering spaces that are traditionally considered to be a “man’s world”. Women are CEO’s of major corporations, tech geniuses, and successful entrepreneurs. Brands need to break the mold and portray women in these new roles. Not only will it empower your female buyers, but create an emotional leverage with these women that will garner you consumers for life.

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