Why You Need To Blog More About Twitter

2 min read · 9 years ago


Why You Need To Blog More About Twitter image v65oai7fxn47qv9nectx18Why You Need To Blog More About Twitter

I have been tracking many blogs now, and I have noticed a constant pattern. For every blog post for a popular blog whether you’re looking at Seth Godin’s blog or Jeff Bullas’ blog, a majority of their blog posts are shared the most by tweeters. With a 140 character limit, Twitter makes sharing content easier. I took a look at the first 17 guest posts on Business2Community and calculated how many times my content was shared by each social network.

All of my guest posts combined were shared over 888 times (although that will change). At the time, my guest posts were shared a combined total of 1446 times. That means out of all of the social networks people used to share my guest posts, over 60% of people who shared my content used Twitter to do so.

Even when I talk about something related to a different social network, most people share my guest post with Twitter. No matter what I blog about, more people share with tweets than any other social network.

So far, most of the guest posts I have published with over 100 shares are all about Twitter (except for one which talks about social networks in general). There are many people trying to find a way to increase their blog traffic. People say that blogging about Google will increase your traffic. That is true, but by blogging about Twitter, even if that means just one blog post, you will get more tweets in the process. Twitter is the place where people are sharing tons of information. Billions of tweets are sent out every week. Imagine how many words, links, hashtags, and mentions billions of tweets add up to.

People are sharing what they read on Twitter a lot more than the other social networks. Use this advantage wisely, add a Twitter button to your blog, write up a blog post about Twitter, and watch the tweeters coming by in flocks to share your content.

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