How to Effectively Engage With Your Connections on Social Media

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With social media, many expect results without doing any of the real leg work. Some users will happily use social media to promote their brand and… well, that’s it really, wrongly believing that’s all you need to do. If this is you, then you are missing out on so much potential. Here, let me explain…

What makes you think your target audience only wants to hear about you and your products? Stop being so self-centred and start thinking of others, and what they may be interested in. Try and treat connections on social media the same way you would, if you met them in person.

Now consider these 5 key points:

  1. Be polite

It goes without question, always show appreciation to those that have shown you a kind gesture. This could be anything from corresponding with you, showing they like your content, or even promoting your content to their connections. Put it this way, if you don’t show your appreciation it is unlikely they will show as much interest again.

If anything it is a way of building a relationship. You can show them what exceptional customer service you offer, whilst creating a memorable, positive experience. This will encourage your brand to be chosen over competitors.

  1. Give credit where it is due

If someone impersonated you, and sold your ideas as their own, you would not be best pleased. The same goes for social media. When you read a really insightful article, ensure you credit the writer for their content, by mentioning them. You never know they may even do the same back and start corresponding with you.

  1. Ask questions

Everybody likes to be included in a conversation, and this can be highly valuable if they can bring a fascinating perspective to the table. Why not ask questions on social media, and mention a few people that may be interested in sharing their opinion. Not only will you get an impressive conversation going, but you may also encourage others to join in the debate. To outsiders, it will first of all show you’re a thought leader, and secondly that you are influential in your field.

  1. Review others

When someone presents a different perspective in conversation, it is only natural to add your own thoughts. Why not do this in social media. For example by saying ‘purechannelapps presents an interesting point on increasing engagement, but what about considering ….’. This way you are not only mentioning others viewpoints and sharing their content, but you are also adding your own thought leader interpretation. To others you are showing them that you know what you are talking about, and are knowledgeable in your industry.

  1. Pass on useful information

If you hear something you believe to be of great value to others, you pass it on, sharing what you have heard to others. You do this in person, so why not follow the same principal on social media? Share this information to your connections. You never know they may even share it to their own connections. You need to bring value, so consider what they may be interested in hearing about. Think about your target audiences’ demographic and potential interests and how this could tie in with your brand.

Why not use a social media platform to schedule your own social media posts. This will also allow your channel partners and/or employees and/or other brand advocates in just one click to share your posts to their connections, reaching an even wider audience to engage with.

So for once, forget that you are using a computer and instead imagine these people you are trying to attract are in the same room as you. And REMEMBER: being silent and self-centered never works, and it certainly won’t work on social media. You need to engage. It’s the word of the week, you know.

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