Indiana: How Passion Changed a Law and Raised Over $850,000 for a Small Business

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Adam1.31.15“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek

Last month, the governor of the State of Indiana found himself in a proverbial pickle but through all of the politics, tweets, and animosity, we saw two shining examples of how the free market works and how passion can lead to quick change and fundraising support. This column is not about Christianity or the LGBT community so save your personal opinions for Twitter. This column is about how passion played an important role for both groups and what we can learn from it.

Once the law was passed, we saw very passionate individuals start stepping up and expressing their feelings. This led to major sports associations, notable business figures and major corporations stepping up and voicing to Indiana, “If this law stands, we are not going to spend our money in your state.” This is capitalism and the free market doing what it does best, and it could open the doors for other smaller businesses to fill a void. Whether or not you agree with Angie’s List, Apple, the NCAA, NASCAR, and the scores of other businesses who spoke out against this law, under free market capitalism, it is their right to do so as it is the consumers right to decide if they want to continue frequenting those businesses. But, at its core, overwhelming passion was the driving force behind all of this. That passion moved the Indiana Governor and legislature to reword the law. It even had a ripple effect on Arkansas where a similar law was being considered.

Then entered Memories Pizza out of Walkerton, Indiana. Once they came out in favor of the law as it had been written and stated that they would not cater a gay wedding, a firestorm of passion came down upon them and they felt the need to close their business temporarily. Blaze TV contributor Lawrence Jones stepped up to help these business owners and a GoFundMe campaign was launched. Passion for the plight of the business owners grew and over $850,000 in donations were raised to support the business owners. Free market capitalism provided the mechanism for people to support these business owners and passion for their beliefs generated the fundraising result.

Both examples above are examples of how passion for a cause can move mountains and make a difference. People give to and support causes that they believe in. They support causes where their common values are shared. It’s why zoos ask their members for support. It’s why the plate is passed at church. It’s why parents are asked to support the local school PTO. As Simon Sinek says, our goal should not be to sell or work with everyone, but rather, to sell or work with those people who believe what we believe.

To grow your business, your daily challenge is to find people as passionate as you are about the work you do and ignite the spark.

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