What Ignoring People Really Says About Us

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Yesterday, we talked about communication and the need to be understood. We can never take for granted that simply because we are speaking, we are being heard and understood. These are all separate parts of active listening, and hold true on the giving and receiving end of things. This also holds true in our personal lives, as well as in our business lives.

Today, we will talk a bit about hearing and understanding, but ignoring people.

People, as well as situations, can be ignored, but often to our own harm and detriment. In terms of situations,it is often a matter of fear. If we can overcome fear, feel that the task is worthy, and still cannot get it done, we are procrastinating. Soon or late, for many things in our lives, having ignored situations puts us in a tight spot for not having information, not having done a specific task, or involves a financial and/ or emotional penalty. There is often a price to pay, whether we are gripped by fear, or simply delaying the inevitable.

Ignoring a problem is the same as being ignorant jarod kintz

Most of us feel that by ignoring a person, we are shedding some light on their character. They are unworthy of our attention, or compliance. This is particularly true in work situations where there is an obvious hierarchy in place.

Sadly, many people do not realize that ultimately, this behavior shines a light on our own shortcomings. We may be successful once or twice, putting people down by ignoring them, or overlooking them, but it will not increase your level of trustworthiness. Done enough times, and you will be perceived as rude, unfeeling, ignorant, powerless, or just a plain old garden variety bully. You will not be respected. You may be feared, and that may be enough for you to get your job done, for a while, but you will not be respected or trusted.

If you ignore the red flags, embrace the heartache to come amanda mosher

And the mirror of life shows us that if we cannot respect and trust others, it is likely that we do not trust and respect ourselves. And this, my friend , is a sad state of affairs, and no way to live.

People will remember your silence more than your words every time you fail to speak up for justice Doc


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