7 Questions That Will Wow Your Interviewer

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Your interview is going great. You prepared answers for the most commonly asked questions, spoke eloquently about your qualifications and connected your experience with the needs of the company. The interviewer looks at you, smiles and asks, “Do you have any questions?”

Asking good questions is an important aspect of making you stand out in an interview. Just like the answers you give to the interviewer’s questions, the questions you ask give the interviewer insight into you as a candidate.

So, as you prepare for your next interview, consider asking these seven questions to wow your interviewer and set yourself apart from other candidates:

1. What makes you want to come into work every day?

This question will force the interviewer to reflect on their experiences at the company and connect with you on a more personal level. After you ask it, make sure you listen to the interviewer’s answer and ask follow up questions where necessary. By reaching out to the interviewer, you are showing that you are not afraid to make personal connections.

2. What is the difference between a top performer and an average performer in this position?

By asking for examples of high performance, you are demonstrating that you are thinking past just landing the job. Finding out how to succeed in the position shows that you are interested in the position, but finding out what constitutes top performance shows that you are thinking about how to be a successful asset to the company.

3. Are there any issues you have with my qualifications that I can address?

Often times, you can tell if an interviewer is hesitant about some of your experience, but does not know how to address it. Instead of ending the interview without addressing those hesitations, ask the interviewer this question.

It will give the interviewer a chance to discuss any issues they may have and allow you an opportunity to clarify how your experience applies to the position. Additionally, a question like this shows the interviewer that you do not shy away from potential criticism, but embrace the opportunity to attack “problems” head on.

4. Who will I be reporting to, and what are they like?

Since you and your supervisor will be spending a lot of time together, it is important for you to know more about your potential manager’s managerial style, before committing to a job. Your interviewer will be impressed that you are considering how you will fit into the everyday flow of the company.

5. What did the last person who held this position do well? Do poorly?

Just like question two on this list, this question shows that you are considering how you can make a difference for the company. Establishing what the previous person holding the position did well and poorly will show the interviewer that you care about being a successful asset to the company.

6. Does your company offer opportunities for continuing education?

Many companies offer continuing education in the form of workshops, webinars, or discounted industry association fees. Take this opportunity to discuss whether or not the company will assist you with your professional growth. Whether or not the company offers these opportunities, the interviewer will be impressed that you are concerned with your professional development and the trajectory of your career.

7. What is the next step?

Consider closing your interview with this important question. Instead of leaving the follow-up to the interviewer, take the reins and set up a time and date to call the interviewer. Clarify with the interviewer what the next steps in the interview process are and what an appropriate timeframe is to expect a call back.

Establishing the follow up procedures will show your interviewer that you are serious about the position and that you respect the company’s timetable.

Don’t forget

Keep in mind that many of these questions could be answered in the course of the interview, so it is always good to do your research and have one or two company-specific questions prepared as well.

Consider these seven questions as you prepare for your next interview and when the interviewer ask if you have questions, smile back and say, “Yes, I do.”

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